Haber Öğesi Electronics Theory-Design-Circuits
(Kategori: Elektronik)
Gönderen Yıldıray
03 Jan 09 saat: 14:22

chiplogo.jpgSpent the years, the Electrical and Electronic technology has bloomed in white hairs; white technologically for much people and green socially for others.To who writes to them, it wants with this theoretical and practical book, to teach criteria of design with the experience of more than thirty years. I hope know to take advantage of it because, in truth, I offer its content without interest, affection and love by the fellow...Eugenio Máximo Tait

Gönderen oshinankara Electronics_-_Theory_and_Design_of_Electrical_and_Electronic_Circuits

Haberin kaynağı : Biyomedikal Mühendisliği ve Biyomedikal Cihaz Teknolojisi
( http://www.medikalteknoloji.com/news.php?extend.1129 )

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